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Call Manager Upgrade Question

I'm going to be going through a significant call manager upgrade, although my user base is small (less than 100 phones).

Here is my problem, I don't have a test environment, so I'll be doing a lot of work on the weekends. The upgrade includes a whole new server and this is where my question comes in. If I start installing and shutdown my old call manager while bringing the new box up, can I simply shutdown the old one in a worst case senario and failback to my old box? Will phones downgrade software when the old CM comes up if the new box had pushed out new software to the phones?


Re: Call Manager Upgrade Question

Im guessing you are going from 4.x to 5.x or 6.x.

Everything runs in place. And that you have new hardware is even better!

- Check your gateways IOS levels. Update if needed before hand

- Check your IP phones firmware levels. They will be upgraded when they reboot and connect to the new server, but it's sometimes better to upgrade before so you do not have any "bricked" phones to deal with on Day 1.

- create (2) IP phones on the 4.x enviorment. Let them connect to 4.x and make calls. Disconnect when done.

- Basically you run DMA, copy the TAR file out.

- Install your first Publisher in the lab using the same server name, IP address, etc. When it asks for the TAR file, using FTP, copy it up to the Publisher during install

- I would recommend using 6.1 if you can, upgrade the publisher if needed, then install Subscriber with 6.1 patch. (this will take a long time!) Use the same name, IP address, etc)

- aquire all the licenses you need through the PAK keys and ( you will have to do both. PAK for nodes, device licenses from

Once your new cluster is built in the lab, plug in your (2) test phones for 4.x and watch them boot up and connect to the new server.

If everything works, you should be able to shut down your NEW subscriber. Then shutdown your NEW PUBLISHER.

Rack and stack your new Publisher. (do not turn on yet)

Shutdown your Publisher on the 4.x system

Turn on your Publisher on the 6.1 system

Let everything sit for about 20-30 minutes. (make sure the pub is up, etc)

Drop the Subscriber on 4.x system

Your phones should fail to the new Publisher and still be running. (and your gateways)

WAIT! Do not turn the SUB on yet. Wait for all devices to register on the Publisher and test everything out. Once everything is registered and working, (to a point) Restart your device pools. This will push out the new firmware to the phones when they RESTART.

- let the phones restart and re-register. Check everything again and wait.

- Now bring up your Subscriber.

- Upgrade Unity TSP software. (Unity should reconnect by itself, but a restart might be needed)

- redo the Services. (things change from 4.x to 6.x)

- redo Auto Attandent. (DMA does a bad job bringing everything over)

Worst case is that if you cant get anything to work, shut down the 6.1 cluster and bring up your old Pub first, then Subscriber. Back to square one then.


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Re: Call Manager Upgrade Question

Hey Tommer,

Really excellent info here (some good ideas I have never tried as well!)

5 points for this my friend :)


Re: Call Manager Upgrade Question

I left out a few fill in the blanks, but it covers the basics. I got really good at DMA for one client. I think a did a DMA about 10 times and 10 loads of 6.x before it was finally time to cutover. (were not ready, licensing screwed up, holidays, excuse #5, etc)


Hall of Fame Super Red

Re: Call Manager Upgrade Question

Ahh, my favourite, Excuse#5!

I've used it often :)


New Member

Re: Call Manager Upgrade Question

Great info guys.

New Member

Re: Call Manager Upgrade Question

Hey Tommer ,

Me too doing an upgrade from 4.x to 5.x just wanted to confirm with the DMA will the usernames also be migrated from Cisco Dc directory services or is there any other procedure for doing that

Re: Call Manager Upgrade Question

Yes, the Usernames all migrated and CCMUSER passwords for the usernames.

New Member

Re: Call Manager Upgrade Question


I am just about to perform an upgrade form 4.0 to 6.0

The customer needs new servers so I can build this in the lab.

I have several gateways and SRST routers in place do you know what the ios requirements are for version 6, also how does the licensing work when upgrading?- thanks

Re: Call Manager Upgrade Question

SRST should be fine. There is a min IOS you should have when going up to 6.x. I dont recall what it should be, but we can hunt it down.


the customer should have a vaild smartnet contract and entitlement to upgrade to 6.x. Your device licenses will be "grandfathered" into the new license scheme with Cisco. So fi you have 1000 IP phones, they will work as 1000 devices, but with different "weights" in CUCM.

Check out the Product Upgrade Tool with the customers contract number to see if they are entitled.

Run the Migration assistant to see if you are set to go.

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