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Call Mananger 5 Directory Troubleshooting

I found what appears to be a bug (wrong header information, possibly?) in the Callmanager 5 directory service that is keeping the corporate/personal directories from working on the phones. We are running:

System version:

Administration version:

The following describes behaviors using the default location for Directories (server/ccmcip/xmldirectory.jsp).

When you attempt to access the corporate or personal directories with the phone, you receive a "Host not found" error. However, if you copy and paste the XML into another file and put a valid XML header on it, the phone reads it fine. As an example, I created a PHP file on another web server, copied the XML that should be received from the xmldirectory.jsp, and pasted it into the PHP file with a valid XML header. I pointed Callmanger to this new file as the location for directories, and the phone read it fine.

It appears that pretty much all of the pages involved in both the corporate and personal directories are afflicted with this issue. I did some testing using the PHP method I described above to see which pages were affected. For corporate directories, the only page that I could return right from the Callmanager without creating a PHP "proxy" file was the actual directory listing (xmldirectorylist.jsp). However, any pages called from there such as "Next" and "Search" would not work. For personal directories, the page was the only one that would display correctly on the phone. Any of the menu choices present on that page would fail to load on the phone.

It is apparent that the callmanager files work as they should, aside from the output not being able to be displayed on the phone.


Re: Call Mananger 5 Directory Troubleshooting

This section addresses the issue of the Directory window not displaying users and provides various probable causes and corrective actions:


Users that were added in Cisco Unified CallManager Administration do not appear in the Directory window of Cisco Unified CallManager Attendant Console.

Possible Cause

The server only extracts the user list from the directory when one of the following conditions occurs:

?The Cisco CallManager Attendant Console Server service starts, and the Directory Sync Period service parameter specifies a non-zero interval.

?The interval specified in the Directory Sync Period service parameter expires.

?You change the value of the Directory Sync Period service parameter in Cisco Unified CallManager Administration.

The Cisco Unified CallManager Attendant Console loads the user list only at login.

Recommended Action

The attendant needs to log in again after any of the previous conditions occurs.

Possible Cause

Cisco Unified CallManager Attendant Console does not display users without telephone numbers.

Recommended Action

Make sure that all relevant users have phone numbers that are listed for them in the directory.



Step 1 From Cisco Unified CallManager Administration, choose User Management > End User.

The Find and List Users window displays.

Step 2 In the User Search field, enter the appropriate search criteria and click Find.

Step 3 From the resulting list of matching names, click the name of the user to which you want to add a phone number.

Step 4 In the Telephone Number field, enter the user telephone number.

Step 5 Click Save.

This URL should help you:

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Re: Call Mananger 5 Directory Troubleshooting

I am getting ?Host Not Found? when browsing by the directories button on 7961?s.

System version:

Administration version:

Several hundred phones / Some phones experience - 'HOST not found'

all phones are 7961's running SCCP41.8-2-2SR2S.

My URL's in Enterprise Parameters are all configured as the IP and the Authentication string works perfectly in a browser. http://X.X.X.X:8080/ccmcip/xmldirectory.jsp

In my testing if you open the phone and paste in the url to the section:

"External Data Locations Information (Leave blank to use default)" in the "Directory" field it works perfectly after a phone reset.

Then if you edit the phone and REMOVE the URL ? reset the phone it seems to work after that without incident?

I'm not sure why it isn't getting it, but it certainly inconsistent.

NO ACL?s, No restrictions ? everything is very consistent it was all processed via BAT.

Did you ever place a TAC case or get resolution? If not you could just put the Directory URL on all the phones via BAT in the interim.

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