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Call Park Behavior

I have recently added another CallManager to my cluster for redundancy, and I was having an issue with Call Park.


Publisher (1) with call park range 100x

Subscriber (2) with call park range 101x

I rebooted all phone devices to register with the subscriber (2), and all gateways were still registered with the publisher (1). So when a call from a gateway was parked, it was in the range 100x, but the phones for some reason are only able to access numbers parked in the 101x range. If you dial 1000, 1001, etc. from a phone you get fast busy after dialing the second "0".

Is this by design? I woud have thought that you could grab any number from a park on any call manager within a cluster (not only the callmanager you're registered to), as long as the numbers don't overlap in any way (in number or partition, etc.).

Call Park works fine as long as all devices that need to get to the park are registered to the same callmanager, which should be the case.

I also am using private internal partitions for parking so I can use the same park ranges at different locations. Would this work across all call managers if the park ranges were in the <none> partition? The issue with that is that you can't re-use numbers in different internal partitions.

Any thoughts??

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Re: Call Park Behavior

in a publisher/subscriber scenario, normally everything registers with the subscriber.only if the subscriber fails will things fall back to the publisher.

I use device pools to control which call park number particular group of users can access. I dont quite understand the last bit, why do you want to use the same call park numbers for different locations, to me its a matter of user training to tell them the number they have to dial to retreive parked calls.

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Re: Call Park Behavior

I use the partitions to split up where parks can be accesed from. The reasoning behind using the same park numbers for different locations is standardization...the block 100x is the same for parking at all sites, I just assign the blocks to different partitions and it splits up so you can use the 100x number block more than once. When the call is parked it displays that number and the user picks it up.

I think we're saying the same thing, just in a different way. It's working fine, my main question was about being able to access parks on different callmanagers. Since all phones are registered on the subscriber, it will work, and if it fails it'll go to the publisher so I'm good, I just wanted to see if there was something goofy that i may have been missing.

Thanks for the input.

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Re: Call Park Behavior

I guess I'm confused. On one hand, you're asking why you cannot access calls parks on a different CCM, and then you say that you have partitions setup to prevent you from accessing calls park on a different CCM.

The server the phone is homed to has no bearing on where the call is parked. That is determined by the Partition and the CCS. This is completely opposite of what I first posted by it took me a few minutes to screw my head on straight.

I guess if you want to re-use the same numbering space for Call Park across all sites, you could use translation patterns to allow users to use a pseudo-access code to access calls park at a differnt location, but I suspect that would just be confusing for the end-user.

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