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Call Park Problem

Hey all,

I have an interesting problem with call parking that I was hoping you could help with. We recently took over voice implementation for a customer who already had a few sites that were configured by an ISP. The situation is with the call park numbers. We have ranges of call park numbers defined for each location. For example, location a has a call park range of 6405991-9, b has 6415991-9, etc. We have about 7 or eight sites like this and some are using the wildcard in case you were wondering. Whenever we do a call park, the numbers are coming from any random range instead of from the defined range of that site. I tried setting up one for a new site that we're turning up by following the instructions on the site, but I'm still pulling call park numbers from other sites. We wanna try to fix this globally on the sites that are already configured to restrict each call park number to it's defined site. Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciate. I'll provide any more info that is required. Thanks in advance.


Re: Call Park Problem

hi chevymannie

in which partition did u configure call park numbers for ur sites?

it seems u assinged all park numbers in a partition that is accessible by any device CSS in all sites

to solve this assign each site's call park number/range to a certain partition (i.e site1 call park range in site1_Partition, site2 call park range in site2_Partition,..) and put each site's park partition in a CSS that will be assigned to devices in that particular site.

When you park a call, Callmanager will search the available Park numbers configured on the server that is processing the calls and will also look up the partitions that are available in the CSS of the phone and will pick the first available part number that is defined in a partition that is reachable by the phone.


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Re: Call Park Problem

If I'm understanding you correctly, this has already been done. I created a call park partition and a calling search space but still have the same issue.

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