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Call Park using JTAPI

Call Manager 3.3 states that you can now use CallParkRequest to get a JTAPI application to park a call.


There is *NO* documentation on how to achieve this. The JTAPI developer guide mentions call parking only in a very vague sense and does not describe how to use the CallParkRequest class in practice. How do I link connections, calls, addresses to the call?

Do the JTAPI developers monitor this forum? How do I talk to these guys? Is *ANYONE* else out there actively developing in JTAPI? I could do with a few kindred spirits to bounce things off.

Cisco Employee

Re: Call Park using JTAPI


I am not sure how many Jtapi developers actually monitors this forum (IPT), but there might be more of them in the "Open Voice Application" section.

I agree with you that call park is mentioned vaguely in the JTAPI Developer Guide for CM 3.3, however, Cisco has developer support for detailed implementation questions on JTAPI, for a cost of course. :)

Here are their contact information:


New Member

Re: Call Park using JTAPI

Well, that wasn't very helpful.

The link in question has a JTAPI FAQ with 0 (zero) entries!

I'll cross post to the other group in vain hope that anyone there responds.

Honestly, it sometimes seems that Cisco are making it as difficult as possible for developers to use their interfaces!

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