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New Member

call pickup and directory number problem

I have a quick question that I bet everyone has faced while using Call Pickup. Basically the way it was described to me I create the phone say extention 7300. Then I would create a pickup with a direcory number and stick that to the 7300 phone and she is ready. Here lies the problem. I have now 7 offices running the system and we have alos of the DID ranges filling up.( .i.e 1300, 1400, 1500, 7800, 8000) and so on. I am told I need to create a directory number similair to the original extension (7300) so the user doesn't have to remember a different number to use this feature. They want each phoen to have a seperate pickup so I can not group them. Obviously I have to keep it in the same partition so making the same extension number (7300) for the phone and Call Pickup wont work. If i make it 73000 then we will experience a delay when someone tries to dial extension 7300 because the route plan has a 7300 and a 73000 and it waits to see if you are going to push another 0 or not.

Any thoughts.

also with this all in mind what is everyone using for rollover lines in way of numbers? We use save 7300 main number and 7100 as a rollover but if we were to every add a DID in the 7100 block I would be in trouble because I would have used it for a rollover line for 7300.

thanks an advance

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New Member

Re: call pickup and directory number problem

two things. for your call pick up if you cal use the * key as part of the extension unlike a lot of pbx's. so if you were to create a pickup group with the number *7300 and assign it to the extension for 7300 it can be picked up by dialing *7300.

as for your roll over lines just create a partition and CSS for each line you want to roll over.

hope this helps


New Member

Re: call pickup and directory number problem

I tried the *xxxxx with Callmanager 3.3(2) and it will not accept non-integers. This would be a cool option, but it doesn't seem to be supported with CM 3.3

Here's how I have part of my Dialing Plan documented.

First digit rules:

0 - Not used

1 - Internal numbers

2 - Not used

3 - Not used

4 - 5-digit dialing for 874-xxxx

5 - 5-digit dialing for 875-xxxx

6 - 5-digit dialing for 876-xxxx

7 - Not used

8 - Not used

9 - Access digit for off-net calls

Then we take the Internal numbers and define the second digit.

Second digit rules for Internal numbers:

10 - System

11 - DOD numbers for multi-line appearances

12 - DOD numbers for multi-line appearances

13 - IPCC Agent DOD numbers (13xxxxx where xxxxx = Agent primary extension)

14 - Group Pickup (14xxxxx where xxxxx = Group primary extension)

15 - Call Park

16 - Not used

17 - Not used

18 - Not used

19 - Not used

Then we further defined the Internal numbers that start with 10 and made them our numbers for our applications such as Unity, IPCC Express, and the Auto Registration.

Third digit rules for Internal System (10) numbers (application digit):

100 - Unity Voice Ports

101 - IPCC CTI Ports

102 - IP Phone Auto Registration

We also defined the Internal numbers that start with 15 and made them our Call Park numbers for each Callmanager server.

Third digit rules for Internal Call Park (15) numbers (server digit):

15000 - PWACMPB1 Call Park number range

15100 - PWACMSB1 Call Park number range

15200 - PWACMSM1 Call Park number range

15300 - PWACMSD1 Call Park number range

This is working for us for now. We took the approach of conserving the limited digits and reserved one of the first dialing digits to be used for internal DOD numbers. We are using 7 digits for the internal numbers to give us plenty of growth (we hope).

I would be definitely interested to see what other folks have done with their number plan for internal numbers.