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Call pickup and the hunt group

We have an extension 30000 with "Call Forward Busy" and "Call Forward No Answer" setup to a hunt pilot 80001. Within the linegroup, we have 3 DNs as below.

Line group





When a call is being hunted to 30001, 30002, 30003, this call can't be picked up as usual because it is being hunted in the hunt group. Is this the case?

(30001, 30002, 30003 are in the same pickup group)



Re: Call pickup and the hunt group

Hi Tom,

There is a bug that does not allow to pickup calls that are in hunt groups, but it has being fixed in CCM 4.1.3 SR2.

I dont see the CCM version you are running but you can download SR2 from here:

Then do the following:

1.- Enter

CSCsb42763 (in mixed case) in the Enterprise Parameter 'Cisco Support Use 1' under the new group 'Cisco Support use Only' and click update. Only the value

CSCsb42763 in this parameter can enable the configuration. Change the value to anything else, disable this functionality.

2. Go to Hunt Pilot Configuration page and select a call pickup group from the Call Pickup Group dropdown list and click update.

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Re: Call pickup and the hunt group

Sir, the BugID you provided does not give you any value to place in the Cisco Support Use 1 field under Enterprise Parameters. It tells you to do a CFNA on each line as a work-around as well as it's fixed in CM 4.1(3) SR2 and above. Could you provide the value for this field or the correct BugID?

Re: Call pickup and the hunt group

What gogasca is telling you is the correct workaround, is just that is on the internal notes (only for cisco employees), not sure why hasn't been included on the workaround...

Give it a try and it will work

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Re: Call pickup and the hunt group

It worked...I didn't realize the message was stating to put the actual BugID in the parameter field...I couldn't believe it. I opened a TAC case and they confirmed. Wow...I wonder what other BugID's cause things to appear in that field....

Re: Call pickup and the hunt group

yeap, trust us, we are from the TAC

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