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call pickup configuration

I want to be able to configure call pickup for a shared phone x2000

x3000 and x4000 ring on other phones in the same area.

If a person is sitting at x2000, I want them to be able to call pickup x3000 or x4000.

Is this more of a group pickup or?


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Re: call pickup configuration


You can use only one group pickup to do this implementation. Just make sure that those ext as well as the pickup number are in the same partition and calling search space.

Let know if it helps.

Re: call pickup configuration

What I did was I configured a Call pickup group "1" then I added this group to each of their lines on the phone so any three of these phones could pick up any ringing line. It seems to work fine. So yes, one group pickup for this "group" of three phones or lines. the problem was that one phone needed to have all three lines on the phone and all I had was a 7940. I would have to upgrade them to a 7960 if I wanted to show shared lines on all this phone and that i thought was a waist of money for a phone.

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