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Call Queing


Can someone please give me the best option for us.

We are a small educational institution with about 500 IP phones, and 800 analog hotel phones/wall phones connected to vg248's.

We have a switchboard and a reservations desk. I'll explain how these two work on the Meridan side currently:

Switchboard: A call comes in to the switchboard, on the main line, the attendant answers it, at the same time, another call comes in, it shows up on their Meridian switchboard console phone, in a Que on a seperate line button (but still on the main line). I think we can have up to 20 people waiting in the Que. The attendant answers each call in the order they were recieved. While the caller is in the Que, they hear a prerecorded message saying all the attendants are currenlty busy please hold (and they get music)


Reservations also has a que setup, however, the call comes into the main line, it goes to the first available attendants phone, if she is busy, it goes to the next phone down the line (3 phones in total). While they are waiting in line, they have the option to hold, leave a message, or go to other options (like a prerecorded message that says what the daily/weekely events are happening on campus), If they choose to hold they hear music.

Now my question is should we go with IPCC to handle this call queing, or can Call Manager and Unity handle this on it's own?


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