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Call Recording

I need to record all calls for a group of extensions and store them. I have CCM6.0 and Unity 4.1.

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Re: Call Recording

Hi Eric,

Here are two third party vendors that seem to have highly rated recording systems for CCM.



Hope this helps!


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Re: Call Recording

Correct me if I am wrong but this functionality is not provided with CCM6.0 or Unity 4 or . Do you if IPCCX has this functionality?

Thanks for the help


Re: Call Recording

It really depends on what your needs are for recording. For example if you need a "Tivo" style recording where a user could hit a record softkey and it would record the whole conversation not just starting at the point when they pressed record. This would definitely need a 3rd Party Application.

Other things to think about is how the application works, it has been my experience there are two basic flavors.

There are the applications that require spanning of the switch to caputre the voice stream which take some additional planning on switch and spanning configuration as well as remote branch recording support

Then there are those applications that require a user to press some button which in essence conferences an application to the call that will start recording and usually requires no spanning.

Now Unity LiveRecord Does that to an extent. There are some limitations - Ex: I believe the phone that iniates the recording requires its own mailbox.

And you are correct, if you have IPCCX then there are some silent monitoring and recording functionality built in but it is only for IPCC agents, not standard phone users.

I have not heard anything about a recording feature for 6.0 but I have not poured the the release notes carefully either. But I did not think they were going to integrate that feature.

But if you need the capability for standard users to record conversations then 3rd party application like the one listed above is usually the way to go.


Re: Call Recording

Hi, 6.0 offers a more efficient method to record calls because now you don't need to configure span ports like you had to do in previous ccm versions. Now you configure a SIP trunk with the record application.


Re: Call Recording

My take on recording is even if you have IpCCX you need 3rd party like Verint, Nice, Telrex etc.

Spanning is a must if phones are distributed.

The built in from cisco has many limitations and recordig on CCM for regular phone users is out of question.


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Re: Call Recording

Silent Monitoring and Recording using CM6 recording feature

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Re: Call Recording

We offer a very affordable desktop based VoIP Recording solution for CCM 3.x to UCM 6.x. Features such as manual or full time recording, speed dial replacement with integration with LDAP, DCD, AD, and Outlook contacts.

You can download a 30 day evaluation copy from the following link:

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