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Call Restriction on FXS Port


is it possible to restrict an analog phone on an FXS port only to use a few dial pattern (only speed dial is allowed)?

For example, the user can only use *1 to reach IP Phone 140 and *2 to reach IP Phone 190.

We are using the Cisco 3662 as a H323 Gateway. We can't use MGCP because we have VIC-BRI Modules, which are currently not supported by Callmanager 3.1(1).



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Re: Call Restriction on FXS Port

Unfortunately, If you are using the 3662 as an H.323 gateway, and your analog phone is connected to an FXS port on the SAME router, that phone will be able to dial anything you have configured dial-peers for. If you are looking to restrict it, I would move it to its own 1750 or the like and use num-exp commands to achieve your ultimate goal. But of course I'm spending fake money, and you might not have that option :)

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Re: Call Restriction on FXS Port

I think you can use just the FXS ports as MGCP endpoints and keep the BRI as H.323.

I am not sure how much that configuration has been testing, but that is one way to implement this, by using CSS and partitions on the CallManager.

You also may be able to use the cor feature in IOS but I am not sure that it applies to analog ports, I think it's only for PRI interfaces that are network-side.

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Re: Call Restriction on FXS Port


I found a solution to restrict analog Phones at FXS Ports on a 3662 running as H323 Gateway.


Using translation-rules on the voice-ports.

translation-rule 5000

Rule 0 0 9 ANY unknown #to central office

Rule 1 5 101 ANY unknown # to ip phone 101

Rule 2 110 1 ANY unknown # to emergency in conjunction

with translation pattern on Callmanager


voice-port 4/1/0

translate called 5000

cptone DE

description FXS Phone 127

ring frequency 50

ring cadence pattern12


Thanks again for your input.


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