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Call restriction with Extension Mobility

I tried to implement call restriction using extension mobility:

I created two partition: Inside, ExtMob,

two CSS: Inside-only-CSS, Inside-Outside-CSS.

Both CSS contains both Partitions, the ExtMob Partition with higher priority.

I have a test Phone (DN, 2000, P: Inside) and a Device Profile (DN: 2000, P: ExtMob). Everything works fine: when user is logged out, he/she cannot call PSTN, after logging in, it is possible to reach PSTN. It does not make sence he/she is logged in/out anyone calls DN 2000, that phone rings.

My problem is: when I apply Call Pickup group to Device Profile (not directly to the phone line!!!), when user is logged out and anyone calls DN 2000 gets reorder tone! I realized that this time CallManager tries to route call to Device Profile in spite of it is not applied to any physical device!

Does anyone know why works the Callmanager this way? Does anyone have any workaround idea?

I created a CFNA DN 2000 (P: Inside) at the Device Profile, this is a very simple workaround, but when user logges in, and gets incoming call, CFNA causes reorder tone after forward no answer timeout...


Re: Call restriction with Extension Mobility

That looks really weird and guess a bug here. I would recommend you to enable traces on the call manager to get more insight into this problem.

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