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Call restriction


There is Cisco 3745 connected to PSTN (with network module NM-HDV-E1-30). There are IP Phones connected to Cisco 3745 via SCCP ( Cisco 3745 is CallManager Express). Several GateKeepers (non-Cisco) connected to this Cisco 3745 via H323


How can I restrict long-distance call (prefix 98T) from all IP phones and from all GateKeepers (but local call 98903T, 98905T, 98916T, etc are allow). But serverl IP phones allow making call between 9-00 and 21-00. In other time all calls have to prohibit. If someone know pin code then he may call anytime.


Re: Call restriction

Since you want to allow 98903T, 98905T, 98916T, add pots dial-peers for these patterns. Do not create any pots dial-peer for 98T, so no long distance calls will be allowed from this CME router/gateway.

Here is a relevant sample config for what you want to achieve, which might help!


after-hours block pattern 98

after-hours block day mon 21:00 9:00

after-hours block day tue 21:00 9:00

after-hours block day wed 21:00 9:00

after-hours block day thu 21:00 9:00

after-hours block day fri 21:00 9:00

after-hours block day sat 21:00 9:00

after-hours block day sun 21:00 9:00

login timeout 180

ephone 10

pin 1234

dial-peer voice 98903 pots

destination-pattern 98903T

port 1/0:15

dial-peer voice 98905 pots

destination-pattern 98905T

port 1/0:15

dial-peer voice 98916 pots

destination-pattern 98916T

port 1/0:15

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Re: Call restriction

Yes I know about it, BUT I have to create dial-peer 98T, because several IP phones (not only CME, they may be from GateKeeper) can place long distance call.

I must divide phones who can place long distance call and who can't

How I can do it?

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Re: Call restriction

I've found additional information about CME restriction:


Call blocking is supported on IP phones only and not on analog FXS phones.


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Re: Call restriction

You can use COR (class of restriction) to block or allow calls coming from FXS ports and IP phones. It can be used in conjuntion with CME dial peers.

This link provides information about COR.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Call restriction


thank you for your answer.

Yes, I saw that document. But I need COR + Time Restriction. How can I do that I dont know.

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