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Call Rollover

I know how to make a call rollover to a second number from the CCMADMIN console. However, lets say the 2nd number doesn't have a VM associated to it. Lets say we have two numbers, 1000 and 1001. If a user calls 1000 and its a busy, I want it to automatically rollover to 1001 so I can pick up a call if I'm already on 1000. I want the same vice-versa. If I'm on 1001 and a call comes in and lets say an internal caller notices that the last time they called, it went to 1001. So they call that number, now it should roll over to 1000.

Ok, those work fine but hear me out. I only have one VM. So that means that if a call rolls over to 1001 but my VM is on ext. 1000, the system doesn't know to roll the call to the 1000 vm from Extension 1001(after the rollover). Also, if both extensions are pointed to rollover if its busy, what happens if both are occupied? Can anyone answer the two questions.

1. IF you have rollover configured and the second number doesn't have a VM, how do you get caller to your original VM?

2. What happens in this configuration if both numbers are being used?


Re: Call Rollover

I assume you have Cisco Unity voicemail.

1. To share the same voicemail box with two subscribers, 1000 and 1001, use the following link. You will have to use Voicemail profile to achieve this.


Re: Call Rollover

2. You can configure you lines like this to avoid the problem you are talking of.

-Create a new partition, 1001_only

-Assign the DN 1001 to the partition 1001_only

-Create a new CSS, example CSS_Test_1000, and select all necessary partitions to it that the phone device with DN 1000 will be able to reach. Additionaly,

select partition 1001_only

-Go to line configuration page for DN 1000. Set Forward Busy to 1001, and set the Forward Busy CSS to CSS_Test_1000. Set FNA to Voicemail Pilot.

-Set the Forward Busy and Forward No Answer for DN 1001 to Voicemail Pilot number, and not 1000. Set Display (Internal Caller id) to 1000

With this configuration, only 1000 will be available to other users to call you. They cannot call 1001 because of the partition 1001_only which is not selected for the CSS that their phones are in. When the call rolls over from 1000 to 1001, they will still see the call went to 1000.

When 1000 is busy call will go to 1001. If 1001 is busy call will go to voicemail box of 1000 (this you have configured in question 1).

When 1000 doesn't answer, the call will go to voicemail directly.

When 1000 is busy and 1001 doesn't answer, the call will go to voicemail.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Call Rollover

I could be wrong here, but I believe that if you are using Unity VM, you can enter an alternate extension that will cause the call to go to the subscriber's mailbox. As far as if both lines are being used, so long as your Unity has available ports, the call will transfer to VM


Re: Call Rollover

I think Alternate Extension is only to access VM box directly. Like if the alternate extension calls Unity directly, it will reach the voicemail box of the primary subscribera and be prompted for password, instead of going to the Unity openeing greeting. Need to verify this !!

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Re: Call Rollover

I just tried this in the LAB... When I call an extension that is associated with my username (not my primary extension) and that extension is in my list of alternate extensions, the unanswered call goes to my voicemail box


Re: Call Rollover

You are right, that works too. Thanks for refreshing it!!

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