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Call Routing - Forwarded Calls

I'm running Unity 2.4.6 integrated with CM 3.1. I setup a Call Forward Rule Called "4000 forward". All incoming calls are routed to my operator extension "4000". If this person doesn't pick up in 4 rings, the call is sent to the Call Forward Rule "4000 forward" which is set to transfer to my call handler for the auto attendant. I have several users without phones. So I setup CTI ports on CM assosiated with the user accounts in Unity. When I try to call a user with just a VM box, I'm routed to the Auto Attendent message instead of the VM greeting. If I call a phone that is associated with a Voice Mail box, it will ring the phone and send me straight into the VM. So if an external call comes into my operator and needs to be transfered, the operator attempts to transfer to the specified extension but instead receives the Auto Attendant Message from my Call Handler. How I can I allow the operator to transfer the call straight into the VM greeting?<br><br>


Re: Call Routing - Forwarded Calls

Question has been asked many times before on this forum.

See this post:

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