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call routing

Hi all,

The following problem arized. We have AS5300 as voice GW with one PRI connection. Now second PRI connection from different telephony provider appeared. How I can route the numbers from 1 provider through its PRI connection, and another numbers through second PRI.

Please help to resolve this task or say which method I should use.



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Re: call routing

i assume that you have the as5300 set up as h.323 gateway. with h.323 you can direct calls out one way or another based on the number dialed. I assume that you are aware of this just needed for backgroud.

what I would do is set up two callsearching spaces. phones with numbers from one provider in one search space and phone with number from the other provider in the second space. create a dial pattern for each space the match the number to be dialed. also create a translation pattern for each space that matches the number and have it tack on a extra digit in front or in back of the number. then you dial peers on the gateway can look for the extra digit plus what is need to make the call. do a another translation on the gateway to strip the extra digit and send it out the correct t1.

this should work but i am sure that it is not very detialed. let me know if you need some more spefic instructions.

hope this helps


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Re: call routing


I'd like to route the call based not on the dialed numbers but on the dialing numbers, i.e. the call which comes from phone ABCxxxx route to PRI#1, the call which comes from this phone DEFxxxx route to PRI#2. I'd like to select outbound peers based on calling number. Any ideas?


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Re: call routing

You can accomplish this with basically the same strategy Scott mentioned. Set up different calling search spaces containing different partitions, like PARTITION-ABC and PARTITION-DEF. Assign the different CSS's to the appropriate DN or Device. Create a route pattern for each partition - they can have the same dialed-number pattern, but they route to different PRI's. In basic terms:

DN (ABC) is assigned

CSS-ABC that contains

PARTITION-ABC that has a

Route Pattern-ABC that routes to a

Route List-ABC that references

Gateway PRI-ABC

Easy as falling off a tall building.

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Re: call routing


I would suggest using the built in feature in the IOS called, 'call hairpin'. When ever a call coming off the PSTN and it can't terminate on another MGW over IP or we don't define that dial peer it will return to the PSTN (on a different trunk).

For more information a good jump start would be the link below:


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