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call setup problem

i m new to call manager and i am having a problem within our company.....the problem is some times when someone picks the phone up there is no dial tone secondly when sopmeone call intrenal th ephone rings but as soon th eother party picks th ephone up call get happens can some guru advise me what is the best effort to solve this thing and what areas shd i check..........thnaks a million


Re: call setup problem

Check the wall mount cradle clip under the handsets to be sure it is down for desk phones. Sometimes people like to set this in the extended position thinking it will keep the handset from falling off, but it often keeps the handset from fully hanging up, causing issues like you describe. This was a frequent problem when we first installed IP phones.

The phones are designed with a reversible clip in the handset cradle area. The clip is used with the tab out when the phone is wall-mounted. Check to see whether the cradle handset clip is in the wall-mounted position (with plastic tab that protrude upward). If the phone is on a desktop, slide the clip upward to remove it, rotate one 180 degrees, and slide back in so that the tab is hidden.

This tab can interfere with the handset as it is replaced on the base (in the cradle), which causes the hookswitch to remain in the up position. When the handset is lifted later in an attempt to initiate a new call or answer one, the hookswitch is not activated. If you answer a call, the phone continues to ring; if you place a call, no dial tone occurs.

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Re: call setup problem

Hi dave thanks for the emial........i checked that and its can u tell me what else it could be as hooks are on its place.....they havent change what else could be the possibility??? regards


Re: call setup problem

What version Call Manager?

What model phones and load version?

What is the network topology between the phones and subscriber? Is it WAN or LAN? How much bandwidth?

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