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Call Supervision with Wireless USB Headsets

I have a Plantronics CS50-USB wireless headset that I'm trying to make work with IP Communicator version 1.5 or 2.0.

I can place and receive calls by using my mouse and clicking on the appropriate buttons. However, I'd like to use the buttons on the headset to answer, hangup, mute, etc.

Anyone know of a USB headset that works with IP Communicator? Plantronics said this product worked with the Cisco Soft Phone, but since Cisco changed the product it's Cisco's issue and they have shipped them the SDK to write the code. Cisco's web site shows a couple that have worked, but I don't know what works means, if you know what I mean.




Re: Call Supervision with Wireless USB Headsets

Cisco IP Communicator supports both analog and USB handsets and headsets. USB HID support is based on Telephony device page (0x0B) and supports key pad, hook switch, and mute functionality only. Proprietary API's for handset and headset devices are not supported. A list of vendors who have verified their devices for use with Cisco IP Communicator through the Cisco Technology Developer Program can be found at

These devices have passed lab testing and met interoperability criteria, ensuring that Cisco product specifications have been reached. With the Cisco Technology Developer Program, customers can quickly and efficiently deploy business solutions with verified compatibility. For more guidance on headsets and handsets for Cisco IP Communicator, please visit

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Re: Call Supervision with Wireless USB Headsets

Well I would say these documents are a little misleading, since I did purchase the Plantronics CS50-USB based on the fact that these documents claim they have passed lab testing, when in fact many of the CS50-USB features are not supported, so much so that Plantronics doesn't even say that the IP Communicator is supported on their site.

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Re: Call Supervision with Wireless USB Headsets

It's been so long since I've reviewed this post I had forgotten it.

Plantronics released a new version of PersonaCall 2.11.3 which they claim works with IP Communicator and supports supervision. My experience tells that it does support supervision sometimes.

Most of the time when I use the headset I am able to answer calls and hang up using the button on the headset. Ocassionally I cannot. I've gotten so used to using my mouse that I given up on the testing.

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