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Call through gateway from different region

we have 3845 router and 2 E1 configured one as H323 and other as MGCP gateway. Both the gateway are in same region( Say A). The phone on the same region ( A ) has no issue in calling through both gateways. But the phone on the other region ( say B) can make call through MGCP gateway only. When i try through H323 gateway rings once and get disconnect automatically. Within the same region codec G711 is used and between the region A and B codec G729 is used.Please, Could any one help me to sort out this issue? Is it because of transcoding issue ? if so why this happenning only with H323 not with MGCP?


Re: Call through gateway from different region

Your H323 gateway is probably using the G711 codec only. Your MGCP gateway will support multiple codecs automatically. In the H323 router setup the following:

Router#conf term

Router(config)#voice class codec 99

Router(config-class)#codec preference 1 g711ulaw

Router(config-class)#codec preference 2 g729br8

Router(config-class)#codec preference 3 g729r8


Then assign that codec class to each VOIP dial peer (incoming call leg):

Router(config)#dial-peer voice 2000 voip

Router(config-dial-peer)#voice-class codec 99

That should fix it

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Re: Call through gateway from different region

Thanks a lot. It is working. Sorry for late reply.

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