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Call waiting and divert on no answer not working


A quick question, a customer of ours has a problem with calls diverting to their third party voice mail server (made by a company called teleware). They have got the phones set up to divert on no answer and divert on busy to this server which works fine, CM simply passes the call through to the new extension number of their voicemail box.

The problem is when they are already on a call and call waiting is enabled on their phone. You see the call on the display but if it’s not answered it just drops the call after 10 or so rings and doesn’t forward it to the voice mail server (which is what the customer wants).

Any ideas what’s wrong or how to change this ? they are running CM3.1.2c and 7940 phones.




Re: Call waiting and divert on no answer not working

The following URL has information for call transferring, I think the problem explained in this URL is the one you are facing:

Also the problem you will face when call waiting is enabled and how to solve it is explained in the above URL.

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Re: Call waiting and divert on no answer not working

I used your URL to prove this in our LABs and it works and fails just as the URL indicates, however our customer insists that he can get it to work intermittently between internal (on net calls on same CCM cluster) but it always fails when the 2nd call comes in from the PSTN. I can't get it to work internaly and don't expect it to having read the URL you posted.

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