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caller hear generic greeting instead of mailbox greeting

We have couple users have their cellphone configured to forward to their IP phones. But when someone called those cell phone and wanted to leave message, actually they hear a generic message"welcome unity message" instead of hearing subscriber's greeting. I guess this may related to routing rule. Any thought? Thanks

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Re: caller hear generic greeting instead of mailbox greeting

the first thing to determine here is what number is being sent to Unity as the forwarding number in this scenario. Open up call viewer (from Tools Depot) and watch what we get for the forwarding number. I'll be big money it's not the user's extension. Unity will lookup the forwarding number to find a subscriber or call handler to send the call to automatically, there's no need to fiddle with the routing rules. If we're not getting the subscriber's extension as the forwarding number then you'll need to work it from there.

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Re: caller hear generic greeting instead of mailbox greeting

If everyone is playing nice in telephony-land, on the calls that forwarded from the cell-phone, Unity should be getting the number of the cell-phone rather than the IP phone. Is that what's happening? You can open CallViewer.exe to see what is the forwarding ID. What forwarding ID does show up.

If the cell phone number is the forwarding party, it'd be pretty easy to make the DN of the cell phone be an alternate extension of the voice mail user ID. What that'll also do is that if the person calls Unity from their cell phone, it'll log them as if they called from their IP phone. I wouldn't , mess with routing rules to get the cell phone forwarding to work.

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