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caller id for incomming pots calls

This should be a simple one.

I have centralized our in/out pstn lines at one location. At every other location I have on or two backup pots trunks to be used by srst in case of T1 or Call Manager failure. They are also used for 911 calls so that the e911 center gets the correct address to respond to.

One location is using an old main incomming pots trunk for their backup line. Their main incomming phone number was changed 10 years ago, but the old number was kept active for those who just don't seem to update their phone lists.

Lately, the attendants have been surprised, and a little bit panicky, to be receiving calls showing up on their callerid display (7960 phone) as being from 9911. These calls are coming in from the backup pots lines. How do I change the display to something less conspicuous?

Here are the pertinent configurations (3660 & CM 3.3):

voice-port 3/1/0

echo-cancel coverage 16

no comfort-noise

timeouts initial 15

timeouts call-disconnect 3

timeouts wait-release 3

connection plar 8000

description CO 555-1234

dial-peer voice 8000 voip

destination-pattern 8000

voice-class codec 1

session target

dtmf-relay h245-alphanumeric

fax rate disable

ip qos dscp cs5 media

dial-peer voice 1004 pots

destination-pattern 9911

port 3/1/0

prefix 911


timeouts interdigit 5

ip source-address yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy port 2000

max-ephones 72

max-dn 200

default-destination 8000

access-code fxo 9T

voicemail 95551235

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Re: caller id for incomming pots calls

I beleive that the reason why the calls appear to be coming from 9911 is because there is no dial peer configured specifically for inbound call legs. While trying to match the call to an inbound call leg, the router finally defaults to any dial-peer associated with the source port, which in your case is 1004.

And in the abssnce of any ANI information, the destination pattern of the inbound call leg is used. To prevent this, create another dial peer that includes the command "incoming called-number .". This will match on the inbound call leg and the calls will come in with a blank ANI.

If you want to put an ANI on those calls, you can enter it as a destination pattern on that inbound call leg. Just make sure that it doesn't effect the routing of your other calls.

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Re: caller id for incomming pots calls

After reading your post, I found that solution on the Cisco web. That's exactly what I am supposed to do, but it didn't work!

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