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Caller ID Name Element

Has anyone successfully had the caller id name element display on the 7940/60 phone with a Catalyst 6608 T1 blade as the gateway. My PRI protocol is NI2 which supports CNID and the phone company swears they are sending the element. I also have the Display IE Delivery enabled on the gateway. All I ever get is the number not the name.

Cisco Employee

Re: Caller ID Name Element

Try this. On the callmanager that the gateway is registered with turn on detailed ccm tracing. Place an inbound call. Then navigate to c:\program files\cisco\bin run the file q931translator.exe. Once this is open select file -> open. Then open the last ccm trace file that was written. Then you will only see q931 messages in the window. Look for the call to your IP phone from the outside. See if the setup has a display ie in it. If it does not then that usually means the telco is not sending the display. If they are then we need to figure out why the IP phone is not displaying it.

Hope this helps,


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