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Caller ID name information

We have CCM 3.2.2c and 6608 T!Gateway. We are able to recieve caller ID number but no name information is sent to the IP phone when a outside call comes in on the PRI. We are connected to a Lucent 5E switch at the telco runing 5E custom or NI2 protocol. Telco has verified that Caller ID NAME and Number is being sent to us. I have no Idea what to look for . I have an Idea we have a mismatch in the Diplay IE field or they are not sending the name information to me in the Display IE field

Has anyone else ran into this problem.

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Re: Caller ID name information

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Re: Caller ID name information

Are you running MGCP?

We're running MGCP/PRI on a 3662 - slightly different equip - but same issue - no inbound caller name - though number works great.

We fought with this for months with TAC and our Telco and TAC ended up deciding it was Call Manager not supporting the caller name embedded in certain frames of connections from certain types of switches (including Lucent - which is what our Telco uses as well).

I am told there will be some serious efforts at supporting this in early patches to the CM 3.3 least worth a hope :-)

- Ken

Ken Johnson

Mgr. Network Services

LeTourneau University



Cisco IP Telephony Users Group

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Re: Caller ID name information

We are running H323 and we have confirmed that they are sending the name in the Facilities field instead of the Display. Our Support Engineers have escalated this problem to the Business Unit and we are waiting on the word if 3.3 will have the FIX.

Thanks for all your help

Dorey Thompson

Sr System Engineer

Permian Micro Mart


Re: Caller ID name information

I have CM 3.2.2a and 6608 T-1 Gateway and a VG200 Gateway connected to a Nortel SL-100 PBX (basically the same software as a DMS-100). I struggled with getting Name display to work between the CM and the SL-100 for several months. What I learned is that Cisco CM can only support Name display in the Display Information Element. The PRI NI2 protocol passes name display in the Facilities Information element and so does QSIG. I ended up getting Name display to work by using the VG200 with MGCP (12.2(11)T and by changing the PRI protocol from NI2 to NTNAPRI (Nortel's proprietary version). I do not have Name display working on the 6608 Gateway.

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