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Caller ID Name not being sent...

I set my system to send a number on my PRI line, when a call goes out, the number is set, but for some people the name is not seen... It says Unknown Name. We are migrating from an Avaya Definity... If I plug the line into the definity system, the name shows up. Does any one have any suggestions?


Re: Caller ID Name not being sent...

By default the carrier will only send the caller id name on the main billing number for your PRI. You must specifically ask them to send you name out for every DID on your PRI.

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Re: Caller ID Name not being sent...

Huh. If it works on the Avaya system shouldn it work on the cisco system. I can take the SAME line and plug it into the Definity PBX and it send the caller ID name... But the Cisco Callmanager does not send the name...


Re: Caller ID Name not being sent...

Sorry your right. I was thinking that it had never worked on the PRI. Is it all or some numbers not sending the Caller ID Name? Ok, on your Route Pattern configuration of 9.@ or whatever you are using to send calls to the gateway do you have the "Calling Party Presentation" box checked?

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Re: Caller ID Name not being sent...

Ok First issue. On the PRI line on the MGCP Gateway in Callmanager I set Caller ID DN to our Building's main number. This is the number I want sent out for every user...

Here Calling Party Presentation is set to Allowed

Calling Party Selection is set to Originator

On the Calling Party Presentation on the route pattern it is set to Default.

I get the caller ID number fine, but the name shows up as Unknown Number.

I wonder if adding a station-id name to the voice port on the MGCP gateway would work.

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