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Caller ID presentation on phone 7960, How to change?

I would like to manipulate the caller ID that shows up on an IP phone 7940 before it hits the phone. I have a user that likes to use the missed call option in directories to dial people that she missed. The only problem is that the caller ID comes in with the local area code and a 1 digit in front of it. I understand you can edit this on the phone but I'm looking for a awy to manipulate it before it gets to the phone so that the users don't have to manually edit the number stripping the area code and the 1 digit.

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Re: Caller ID presentation on phone 7960, How to change?

Create a translation pattern for the called party number in a partition other than the DN of 7940. Manipulate the translation pattern for the calling party by prefixing it with 9 (or other number depending upon your configuration) and have the CSS of translation pattern to reach the DN of 7940. Make sure the CSS of the gateway can reach the translation pattern not the DN of 7940. This will present the caller-id as you desire.

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