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Caller ID Work Around Please Help

I provide phone service for about 30 different customers from one CCM cluster running H323 and MGCP Gateways. Each customer has their own DID's assigned to my Time Warner PRI's for voice. Caller ID is showing up as my company name for all DID's. I want to push a different name for each customer without going to my Telco because breacking up DID ranges on one or two PRI's is a nightmare. If I can do it by Partition or user that would be great. Ther has to be somthing.

I am running CCM 3.22c

My Gateways are 2621 with NM-HDV's

Telco is running my PRI's off of a Lucent 5E CO switch.

If I can pass my company Name I should be able to pass any name.


Re: Caller ID Work Around Please Help

What I think is happening is that the trunk name is being displayed. I've seen this happen in my setup (CCM connected to a Nortel SL-100) when I didn't have name display working correctly. I have had name display working now between the CCM and the SL-100 ever since we were on 3.1, we are now on 3.3(2). But to get it to work requires alot of fiddling with both ends which in your enviroment will be difficult. You might want to considering an upgrade on CCM to 3.3 as it supports Name Display in the Facilities IE on MGCP gateways. H.323 does not support name display in the Facilities IE it only supports name display if it is delivered in the Display IE.

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Re: Caller ID Work Around Please Help

I totally agree. Since you are dealing with a Lucent 5ESS and CallManager 3.2, you will have issues with calling name (Diplay IE used versus Facilties IE). I would highly suuggest going to CallManager 3.3(3)...



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