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caller info


2 question :

- I use (or i receive the material in 2 weeks) IPPhone 7960.

We have a database where we store all our customer info (phone no, name, and lot of usable data)

When the phone ring, is it possible to query the database and display some info about the customer ?

- I know that this phone can handle xml data/application. But where can I download a book where all the possibility are explained ?


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Re: caller info


I read that once in this forum, and some guy (i dont remember names :P).. recomended this site:

The Product is:

Here you have a solution, but you can made by your self.. of course, you need to learn about Cisco IP Services.. there is a lot of info in and this forum.

If you want to create your own service, i recomended you: "Developing Cisco IP Phone Services".. that book is great to start.. And you will be able to create a lot of new services..

I hope to help, and sorry for my english.. i speak spanish.. :P

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Re: caller info

Actually, you can't do this application with JUST IP Phone Services. You also have to know that the call is ringing.

This is done typically either with 3rd-party JTAPI monitoring. That has it's own learning curve as well.

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Re: caller info

A free service is available from that should be able to do what you are looking for.

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Re: caller info


But I can't see this free service ?

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Re: caller info

Here is a link to the specific service I was referring to. You may be able to modify it to do what you need.

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