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Caller Input based upon time of day



Currently, DN 222 plays a generic greeting, press 0 to be transferred, stay on line to leave a message. Caller Input (0) performs attempt transfer to DN 622. Between the hours of 5pm and 7pm, I'd like Caller Input (0) to transfer to a Cell Phone. How can I accomplish this?


Bill Gutschow

Curbell Inc.

Cisco Employee

Re: Caller Input based upon time of day

The one key actions on a call handler or subscriber are active regardless of schedule so the way to do this is to have the call handler you're sending the call to when they hit 0 have a schedule setup such that 5pm to 7pm is "off hours" and the rest of the time is active. You can then setup the standard transfer rule (the one that triggers when the schedule is active) set to transfer to 622 and the off hours transfer rule to transfer to a cell phone. When callers hit this call handler if it's between 5 and 7pm it'll transfer to the cell phone, if it's any other time it'll dial 622 as it does now.

Cisco Employee

Re: Caller Input based upon time of day

Also, be sure you have the "alternate" transfer rule disabled... if this rule is enabled it'll over ride the standard and off hours transfer rules for the call handler.

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