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Caller input extension at greeting problem

I have 2 users setup without viocemail and DIDs. All they have is a 4 digit 5xxx extension. When a caller from the outside wants to reach them they dial the main line and get the main greeting which allows them to input the desired extension and they will be forwarded. This works for all other 5xxx extensions except these specific 2. I get the error "Sorry, I did not recognize that as a valid entry"

5 is setup as an Ignore key in the call handler and it allows additional key strokes. They are in the same partition and setup the same way as the other 5xxx extensions, the difference being no DID and no voicemail.

Any ideas?

Cisco Employee

Re: Caller input extension at greeting problem

Is the 5 key set to "ignore" AND "locked" ? If so, Unity will throw the key away when it sees it. Are there any other keys set to ignore/locked?

What version of Unity is this? The ignore/locked combo behaved differently in older versions so we'll need this information to help you.

Community Member

Re: Caller input extension at greeting problem

The 5 key is not set to locked the box is clear. I run Unity 4.0 (2) and Call Manager 3.2 (3)

Cisco Employee

Re: Caller input extension at greeting problem

Are there any other keys set to ignore and locked?

The Id lookup stuff is pretty straight forward - unless there's something causing us to jump to another handler we're going to collect the ID and search the DTMFaccessID table in the UnityDB database for a match. If there are duplicates in that table you could run into trouble (although the behavior doesn't match what you describe). dbWalker will point out any duplicates in the table, it's worth ruling that out.

The other thing you can look at is opening the Port STatus Monitor tool (you can download the latest off of and watch what happens when you enter that extension number from the greeting in question. If it's jumping to another handler you'll see it there pretty easily. You'll also see the digit collection at work so you'll know what ID is being looked up.

Community Member

Re: Caller input extension at greeting problem

5 is set to ignore but not locked. 6 is set to "Send caller to" and not ignored. The rest are all locked and set to "Send caller to"

I used the port status monitor tool and saw that it went to the correct call handler for the greeting and then I put in the extension 5173 and it does this:

DTMF [5]

DTMF [173]

Event NULL





Then it goes to the default Opening Greeting and hangs up. Is it jumping handlers like you said?

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