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Caller input not recognized as a valid extension.

Greetings, I'm running unity 3.1(3) and am running into an issue.

I have a call handler set up that points 1 to sales and 2 to support. I have the "allow callers to dial an extension during greeting" enabled and when I dial 1202, for example, the call goes to the extension. However when I dial 1304, for example, the system says its not a recognized extension. Both subscribers are set up identically. Any thoughts would be appreciated,


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Re: Caller input not recognized as a valid extension.

The only thing that comes to mind right off the top is that you have the "3" and/or "4" key "locked" on the call handler you're working with. A locked key means the conversation will take action on it immediately regardless of if you have the "allow callers to dial extension..." set. If you uncheck that "allow callers to dial extension..." all that does is lock all the keys automatically, you can still lock individual keys (this is handy for preventing callers from getting to specific ranges of extensions, for instance).

Check the call handler's input page and see if any of you're keys are locked... if they are, unlock them and try it again. If that's not it we should probably get a look at what's happening to the call with the CallViewer.exe application...

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Re: Caller input not recognized as a valid extension.

Lindburgh! you are a genius.

I unlocked the keys and all is well. You are a true asset to Crisco.



Christopher Wolff.

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