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Caller Input Options

Is there a way to change the allowed caller input on a handler based on the schedule (Standard and Closed) like there is for greetings. Most of my clients have a slightly different option for "after-hours" greetings. For example, I want to enable an option to ring a night-bell (i.e. press 9 for after-hours support), but only at night.

The only way I can see to do this is to have two nearly identical handlers and two separate forwarding routing rules. During the day, call the day handler and at night, call the night handler. Is there an easier way???

Cisco Employee

Re: Caller Input Options

Afraid not. There is no schedule-based Caller Input rule. You have an idea to have identical call handlers.

The other option is to have different Greetings depending on the Schedule. During business hours your greeting will state the standard options (press '1' for Sales.....). But afterhours, have your greeting state your desired options (press '9' for after-hours support). You caller input options will not be different, but your greeting will reflect those options that are available during the scheduled time (even though they are available all of the time). What the caller hears, he will believe is active. Kind of spoofing the caller, but it is an option.

Jeff Schlesser

Cisco Employee

Re: Caller Input Options

You can also "daisy chain" call handlers to get what you want instead of having to use two different routing rules... basically have the day greeting of the call handler setup as normal and have the one key options setup for the day options. Have the after hours greeting set to blank and have the after greeting action set to "send to greeting for" a second call handler that's setup to play the night greeting and that has the night time one key options configured.

A little awkward but easier than having to use routing rules for this.

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