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caller input options

I am running 2.4 build my user has ext. routing from a siemens rolm through a call manager to a mailbox on unity. That mailbox has caller input options to 1 ext. (option1) and 2 mailboxes (option 2,3). When an option 3 is selectedit routes to option 2's mailbox. These are also monitored by a web attendant and they can not transfer the call back to hardware if they answer the call. This is an intermitant problem and goes away after a period of time 15-60 min, ports are not busy and if you call directly into the mailbox calls route fine.<br><br>thanks for any help<br><br>


Re: caller input options

I understand the physical layout of the phone systems, but I am not clear as to what the caller input options are trying to do.

So, there is an extension on the Rolm that forwards to Unity. That mail box has some caller input options. Do some options transfer to an extension and some just send the caller to another mailbox? If there is a transfer to an extension, is that extension a Rolm phone or a CallManager phone? When the call comes into Unity in this case, how did it get there? Did it originate from the Rolm or CallManager?What is exactly not working? What is meant by "they can not transfer the call back to hardware if they answer the call"?

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Re: caller input options

option1 transfers to a ccm ext., 2 and 3 to a unity mailbox, the call originates from the Rolm and a route point is used in the ccm to send it to a mailbox on unity. From that mail box you can select 3 places to go, an ext. and 2 mailboxes. when you select mailbox 1 it goes to mailbox 2. These mailboxes are also monitored through a web attendant and can be answered from there or go to vm. When they answer the call and try to transfer to the other box the call does not go through. Hope that helps.

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