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caller number lookup

I was wondering how to have a phone look up external callers' number and display the associated name info, much in the same way it is done for internal extension numbers. Is there a way this can be done?

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Re: caller number lookup

If you can find a place to pull those external numbers from. That's the trick. If you know where we can get XML access to the public phone directory, I can write an app that pulls it. The app itself is very easy to write.

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Re: caller number lookup

I'm not entirely sure I get what you mean. I already built a XML service app that pokes from my corporate (legacy DB) directory, hooked it up in the directory URL (xmldirectory.asp) and that was indeed easy. I can do searches on the phone and dial numbers. Is that what you mean?

I assume that getting the phone to show a string (e.g. name) instead of the caller number when receiving a call is all another story.

What I mean is: when you receive a call from some local extension, the name of the corresponding user is displayed. Not so when you are called from the outside PSTN.

What I'd like to do is look up caller numbers `on the fly' from my legacy db and show the corresponding relevant info (name, usually) in place of the number, so that my operators get to instantly know who's calling.

I believe that belongs to the SCCP domain, and as such it should be worked out by CallManager/ITS...

I tried to import some numbers/names into CCM's LDAP directory (without associated devices, of course) and that does not seem to work. Moreover, it goes to show if this is good practice (and I bet it is not).



Re: caller number lookup

A TAPI/JTAPI monitoring app would work here, watching for calls to/from the specified devices and "pushing" specialized content to the phone based on lookups of the connecting number etc. This would work in an automatic fashion, pushing the data to the phone.

Alternatively, you could write an xml service that uses JTAPI to query CallManager about active calls for the current device, perform lookups based on connected parties and display the information, but this would not be automatic, it would be user-initiated (ie user calls service to get the information).

There are two options.. I'm not aware of any way to tie into the automatic display functionality provided by the CallManager/phone communication process.

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