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CallerID -> Name Display with a simple xml service

Hello all,

I'd like to make a simple xml service that when invoked converts the number of the currently active callerid into a name/etc. I've read Cisco IP Phone Services Application Development Notes v3.3 but have the following questions that I can't seem to find an answer for:

- Is it possible for a user to invoke a phone service during an active call?

- Is it possible to pass the callerid number from the phone to the xml service/script i call?

Can this kind of thing be done without using JTAPI?

Thanks for your help!


Re: CallerID -> Name Display with a simple xml service

Yes, you can invoke a service during an active call.

You can get the callerid using JTAPI. If you search through some of the previous threads on this forum, you should find some examples of using JTAPI for this.

When the user invokes the service, you can get their IP address (from ASP,JSP etc), and the device name if you have configured the device name as an automatic parameter for the service. Alternatively, you can use DeviceListX to get this information as well, including the extension of the user. Then search through the open lines in JTAPI to find this particular call, and display the info.

Hope that helps!

New Member

Re: CallerID -> Name Display with a simple xml service

Thanks, this helped clarify things for me.

I'm still wondering though if there's a chance to get the callerid without touching JTAPI, i.e. either

as CGI Parameter when calling a service or i.e via grabbing it from some statistics page the phone might expose?

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