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CallerID Info on phone & JTAPI Event Observers

I think I finally managed to understand the basics of how to receive call infos through the JTAPI events, and the code is slowly starting to work... ;)

However there is one big issue I'm still not sure about:

For the CallObserver to receive call events it needs to be attached to all terminals/addresses one wants to be informed about. Now for a larger installation with say a couple hundred terminals this seems a bit worrisome to do. The app also constantly needs to update this list of terminals for newly arrived or removed terminals and add or remove even more CallObservers.

But the Cisco JTAPI developer guide also says that:

"GetCallID provides an interface on RTP events to access any call information..."

Unfortunately there is not much further information available on that.. So does this mean there is a way of being notified of ANY calls without attaching a CallObserver to each and every terminal?

If this second method works somehow, it would be great if someone could provide me with more information on where to receive those events or what needs to be attached/observed...

best regards and thanks,



Re: CallerID Info on phone & JTAPI Event Observers

That is a good question, and I look forward to see what others might have to say about it.

I don't know of any way at the moment to attach a "generic call observer". So you can either attach an observer to each terminal, or depending on what your needs are, use the getCalls() method of the provider interface to get a list of calls currently in progress.

The getCalls() method may not suit your needs, however, since it isn't an event-driven method, so you may potentially miss calls in between calls to getCalls(), and if you try to poll this too often, you may just end up worse off than if you had simply attached a call observer to each terminal.

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Re: CallerID Info on phone & JTAPI Event Observers

I agree to your last point, and I'm definitely looking forward to more information (hopefully) on how to go about this from others as well.

But staying with my current knowledge of attaching CallObservers to each address, there is another question of mine:

I can only attach addresses/terminals that are assigned to or associated with the user that i used as the login in the peer.getProvider(). Is there such a thing as a "superuser" that can be created in the CM administration and can access every terminal, or do I really have to assign EVERY terminal to the user used for jtapi access?

regards, tom.

ps: still hoping for some way of getting around all those callobservers ;)

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Re: CallerID Info on phone & JTAPI Event Observers

hi tom,

sure, create one user for your application, f.e. "jtapi" and pwd "12345". now attach all devices in the ccm administration page which should use your application!



Re: CallerID Info on phone & JTAPI Event Observers

My question is related. How do you make an "outside" call? What CallManager configuration has to be done in order to allow the JTAPI application to make outside calls?


Jonathan G.

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