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Callers Name on called parties phone. CCM 4.0(2A)

I have been told by our telco that are PRI's have been provisioned to have our name appear when we call out. When calling out it says unavailable out of area and the DID number appears. How do I get the name of the caller or company name to appear and also keep the DID appearing too?

VIP Purple

Re: Callers Name on called parties phone. CCM 4.0(2A)

You will need to get a list of DIDs and the name that you want to appear to your telco. When they say that your PRI is provisioned for your name to appear, they likely mean that it will appear when you send out your main billing telephone number. You should be able to test that by configuring a phone to send out that number. Whey you send out another number, the telco does a lookup in their database for that number and when nothing is found, they display "Unavailable". We ran into this probably initially as well. It took some time, but the telco finally updated their database and all is well.

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