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New Member

Calling name support on H.323 gateway

Does anybody know if calling name is supported between the Call Manager and a Lucent 5ESS switch trough an H.323 gateway with PRI NI2 connection ?

I saw in Cisco doc that calling name is supported with Nortel DMS-100.

I started a debug isdn q931 on the gateway and saw the calling name express in hex, in a field called "facility" for called from PSTN to Call Manager phones. So the calling name is sent correctly to the gateway. But I don't see any name on the IP phone (caller-id works fine).

On the other side, for calls from a Call Manager phone to the PSTN I can see the calling name in the field "display information" in the debug voip ccapi inout. But the calling name is not reproduced in the q931 protocol. The field facility don't even exist.

So, I need to know what parameter I have to set in the Call Manager and/or gateway (an AS5300).


Cisco Employee

Re: Calling name support on H.323 gateway

There are a couple of issues at play here.

First, CallManager only supports the Display IE. That is where the name needs to be in order for it to show up on the IP phone display. If the name is coming in on the Facility IE, CallManager will not decode it. Is the 5ESS switch on the PSTN? It sounds like you are using the NI3 protocol which CallManager does not support yet -- that sends the name in a Facility IE. We need a Display IE.

For the other direction, the problem you are seeing is a bug in IOS. It is fixed in the latest 12.2 images so you should be able to see the router sending the Display IE in the Q.931 debug once you have that fix.

New Member

Re: Calling name support on H.323 gateway

Hi Dave, thanks again for your always quick response.

First, I spoke with the guy operating the 5ESS switch, ( one of my collegue, we own the switch) and he told me that Calling name trough the Display IE is supported only in the BRI. Calling name is supported on PRI with the Facility IE only. Like you just mentionned it seems to be related with NI3.

Do you ever heard of a customer who implement calling name between the Call Manager and a 5ESS switch ??

Also, we already have the 12.2 IOS on the AS5300 and still we don't see the Display IE in the q931 debug. Any idea ??

Here is two small document extracted from the 5ESS.



The ISDN Calling Name Delivery (CND) for PRI (CNAM-P) feature consists of three components as follows:

·Privacy of Calling Name, which allows an originating CPE to signal on a per-call basis the presentation status (that is, public or private) for their CNAM. The Q.932 protocol for both the Custom and National ISDN PRI interfaces will be used to signal a facility IE in a SETUP message encoded for "presentation status restricted" or "presentation status allowed." Remote operations notation is used to encode an Invoke component in the facility IE containing the requested presentation status through the callingName operation.

·Calling Name Delivery, which provides name information (name characters, a private indication, or an unavailable indication) to a subscribed terminating interface (PRI trunk group) at the time of call setup. Name characters are obtained from a name database (for example, Advanced Intelligent Network SCP) based on a terminating name query using the CgPN. If the CNAM is marked "presentation restricted" or if the CgPN is unavailable, the appropriate indication (private or unavailable) is delivered in the facility IE of the SETUP message to the called CPE. Remote operations notation is used to code the name information in the callingName operation of an Invoke component. When a database query is made (using SS7 Transaction Capabilities Application Protocol [TCAP] to an SCP database), the name information is delivered to the called CPE using the facility IE of a FACILITY message (call SETUP is not delayed awaiting the response to the name query).

·Electronic Directory Service Calling Name Display (EDS CND), which is used for intrabusiness group calls. A EDS group (EDS GRP) will be required to be assigned to PRIs subscribed to EDS CND to deliver calling and/or original called name information on intrabusiness group calls. EDS CND will query a local applications processor (AP) name database for calling and/or original called name information instead of an SCP. Name information is delivered as described for CNAM delivery in the facility IE of either a SETUP or a subsequent FACILITY message.

These services are considered part of the 1996 National ISDN-3 feature offering and are available on both the Custom and National ISDN PRIs. All three capabilities apply to circuit switched voice, circuit switched data, and switched fractional-DS1 calls, but are not applicable to packet switched data calls.

CNAM on BRI Calling Name Delivery (CNAM)

The ISDN Display Features (I-DF) action allows a subscribed user to turn on and off the Calling Name (CNAM) display. If the terminal invoking I-DF to turn on or off the display of caller identity information is also subscribed to the ICLID feature for Calling Number Delivery, deactivation/activation of I-DF will likewise turn on or off CND. In order to use I-DF to turn on or off delivery of caller identity display information, the invoking user must be subscribed to one or more display features on a usage sensative basis.

The activation/deactivation of Calling Name display using I-DF follows the procedures in "Feature Invocation Scenarios," Section A:1,2 and 3, B:1; and C:1.

If display of caller identity information is active, when the network offers a call to a terminating station it will include the calling name information in a Display Field IE of either the SETUP or the subsequent INFOrmation message. The Display Field IE is sent in an INFO message whenever a query must be made to a name database to retrieve name information; however, if the name presentation is set to "private," or if name information is known to be "unavailable," then the Display Field IE is included in the SETUP message. If the calling name is not available, the network will code the calling name field as "INCOMING CALL." If the calling name presentation status is determined to be "presentation restricted," then the network will code the calling name field as "PRIVATE."

Cisco Employee

Re: Calling name support on H.323 gateway


Yes, we have seen this before. And what I have been told by another switch tech who has run into this before is that not all 5E software uses NI3 on the PRI trunks.

Apparently, anything before a certain 5E software rev would still use NI2 (at least as an option). Whether or not in these software revs if the 5ESS will actually have the feature available to send the Calling Name in a Display IE, I don't know. But I am reasonably certain that if it can send the name at all that it would not use the Facility IE.

New Member

Re: Calling name support on H.323 gateway

I also tried the 12.2 IOS, and never saw the message in the q931, however after getting 12.2(3), it's now working.