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Calling number on a toll bypass network

Hi All,

I have two cisco7206, each connected to PBX via ISDN-PRI.

when dialing from one side i can see the calling party number (for example 41234567), I'm looking for a way to add digits to that calling number so the remote side will get another calling party number (like 12341234567).

any help will be appreciate.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Calling number on a toll bypass network

Try this:

Router(config)# dial-peer voice number voip

Router(config-dial-peer)# translate-outgoing calling name-tag

The name-tag argument is the reference number of the translation rule. Valid entries are 1 through 2147483647.

Translation rules that are configured in a dial peer using the translate-outgoing command are not applied to inbound call legs. When using two-stage dialing, the translation rules that are configured in the voice port using the translate command are applied twice; after the inbound dial peer is matched, and again after the digits are collected.

If the prefix command is also configured in the dial peer, the translate-outgoing command is executed first.

To verify the configuration of a digit translation rule, enter the show translation-rule EXEC command.

if you need a sample translation rule let me know.

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Re: Calling number on a toll bypass network


Like the last asnwer said use translation rule on thegateway. Here is an example

This would prepend 91 in front of any number dialed

translation-rule 2

Rule 1 ^.% 91


dial-peer voice 1 pots

destination-pattern 408.......

translate-outgoing called 2

port 0/0:23

Text the rule one its created

c2600#test translation-rule 2 4085278765

The replaced number: 914085278765

So in the scenarion above the number sent to the PBX is 914085278765 where the prepend 91 maybe say" 9" for PBX access code and "1" for complete 11 digit area codes dialing

Hope it helps


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