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Calling number presentation after a call forward


I have a little problem in a very specific case.

Here is the architecture :

CCM4.1.3 <-----MGCP-----> 2811 <-----E1 QSIG----> Alcatel 4400 <--------> PSTN

My IP Phone is forwarded on my cell phone.

If someone from the outside tries to call my ip phone, then Callmanager forwards the call to my Cell Phone. The originate calling number is well shown. No problem !

But, If someone from the inside (Cisco side or Alcatel side) tries to call my ip phone, then the originate calling number is not shown. When I issue a "debug isdn q931" on my gateway, I see there is no calling number !

If my gateway was in H323, I could use translation rules but I would lose all QSIG functionnalities between my CallManager et the existing Alcatel PBX. So I can't think about it.

Is there anyway to resolve this problem in MGCP ?

Thanx for your help,



Re: Calling number presentation after a call forward

The only requirement in the Call manager for calling name display to work is that the display IE Delivery checkbox be enabled on the gateway (either h.323 or MGCP) on which you want name delivery .Q.931 traces showes the calling name information being sent or recieved .if you dont see the calling name display may be the legacy PBX do not support the calling name display via the display information element.

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