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Calling Party Name Display CCM3.2.2c and MGCP

1. Can I do it I am hearing conflicting information.

2. On my gateways I have already checked the proper Display IE box under the Config. Yes I can do a debug ISDN Q931 and see the persons name populated in the IE field.

3. My telco is hanging my PRI off of a 5e which we all know is 5ess Custom in the CCM MGCP Gateway config page.

4. I also have multi partitions with different names that reprsent my customers. What if I just want to send the company name or department name for that partition?

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Re: Calling Party Name Display CCM3.2.2c and MGCP


Typically, I have seen the Lucent 5eSS switch utilize what is known as the "Facility IE" to tranmit Calling Name Identification. Up to CallManager 3.3(3), Cisco used the "Display IE" to transfer this informaiton which is incompatible with the 5ESS. By going to CallManager 3.3(3), you will now be able to send/receive the calling name information using the facility IE thus interoperating with the 5eSS. Hope this helps. Here is the Release Notes for CallManager 3.3(3) which explains this new feature (See Page 6):


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