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Calling Search Space question

When configuring the Calling Search Space for a dial plan, I am wondering something. In a CSS list if there are 2 possible pattern matches for a dialed string, and the first match leads to a gateway that is down, will the second pattern match pointed to another gateway then be used to send the call.

example :

dialed number 91513-555-1212

route partition - Cinncinnati Bypass

route pattern 91513-xxx-xxxx


route partition - Long distance

route pattern - 91xxxxxxxxxx


css list

Cincinnati Bypass

Columbus Long DIstance

if the gateway goes down and a phone in Columbus dials 915135551212, will it go out the columbus gateway

New Member

Re: Calling Search Space question

I am almost 99.9% sure, that it will match on one route pattern and then try the configured "Gateway/Route list". If it is unable to setup the call, then an error message is produced in the trace "Route List Exhausted".

Why not create a route list for the Cinncinnati Bypass that has two route groups, one for each gateway. Place the route group in the order that you want the route list to use.

You might also be able to consolidate your CSS's unless you always want one CSS to try the Bypass first and the other CSS to always try the long distance first.

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