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Calling Search Space

I want to define and assign Calling Search Space to restrict what people can dial (i.e. International number, Long distance etc).

Now, can I place CCS on an user-basis? I was thinking I could have 2 sets of Calling Search Spaces. The phone ones will allow more "opened" policy / level of access, whereas the CCS applied on users can be more restrictive (more taliored to users).

Is this possible?

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Re: Calling Search Space

that is possible but you will have to have your users login to there phone. remember that css get more specifc the more specfic you go. so a css assigned to a line will take affect before a css assigned to a phone.

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Re: Calling Search Space

Let me ask about partitions in CCM.

I’m not quite sure what is the relation of Calling Search Spaces to Partitions.

And where exactly should partitions be applied to route patterns or phone lines.

Are partitions required to control dialing rights (who and what can dial) or it can be controlled by Calling Search Spaces only.

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ps. CCM 3.3.4

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Re: Calling Search Space

The best place to learn about Partitions and Calling search Spaces is in the CallManager Fundamentals Book (CiscoPress). I will try and give a Readers Digest condensed version.

Partitions are used to logical divide up you Callmanager. Generally you would have a Partition for Internal, Local, North American Long Distance, International, and Voicemail. You can then place your Route Patterns, Translation Patterns, Route Points, and other devices into one of the Partitions. I always place my phones in the Internal Partition.

Calling Search Spaces is where we decide what Partitions we are allowed to look in when we want to make a call, or a call is received. Again I generally make CSS similar to my Partitions ( Internal, Local, NALD and so on.).

By giving phones and other devices certain CSS you can limit what numbers that are allow to call or services they are allow to access.

Calling Search Spaces and Partitions in my opinion are most important part of setting up your Callmanager. Getting this right the first time can make you installation go very smoothly. Take you time and make sure you work it all out. I spent several months building and rebuilding my Partitions and CSS on the lab. It is now very streamlined and work with almost all my customer installations.

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Re: Calling Search Space


The short answer is YES. You can do this and I have done this for my 14 site CCM setup. The phones have a geographicaly significant CSS to make sure that 911 goes out the local gateway and that other calls go out the regional HQs gateway. The device CSS is very open - devices can call anything. The line's CSS is where I get restrictive. Since the line follows the user, this is where I enforce my class of service. I have about 100 EM users, 350 total users, and 600 phones so this kind of design was important to me.

I have my dial place well documented in a Visio diagram if you would like to see it.


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