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New Member

CallManager 3.2 MWI and Unity 2.6

After upgrade from 3.1 to 3.2 I found that MWI stop work....

I had few partition on CM. I also have Unity 2.6.

When I assign MWI DN to partition and calling space it start work for one group....

Unity could be configured to work with one MWI on and one off...

So question...

Is it possible make MWI work for different partitions and calling space....

It use to work.... Now to make it works I should have only one partition with the same calling space for all telephones.

Cisco Employee

Re: CallManager 3.2 MWI and Unity 2.6

With 3.2 of callmanager MWI is a little different. The css on the voice mail ports has to be able to call the MWI on and off numbers. The css configured on the MWI on and off numbers must be able to call the IP phones. This is different from previous versions because we never put the MWI numbers in partions before there was only 1 set per server.

Hope this helps,


New Member

Re: CallManager 3.2 MWI and Unity 2.6

I fugured it out how to make it work for one partition.... but still I want to know one thing...

I have few partition... For example Local, CTI, PSTN and Admin..

I also have 3 Calling spaces. Standard Phones, CTI and Admin.

CTI can call Local and Admin.

Standard Phones can call Local and Admins.

Admins can call CTI, Local and Admins (all).

So Local partition and Standard phones CSS can call admin... And I put 310 and 311 MWI to this partition and CSS... But MWI work only for phones that are in the same partition and the same CSS.

So question is the same... Can I make work MWI for different partition/css pair?

P.S. If I leave None for partition and CSS of MWI on and MWI off then it is not work at all....

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