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CallManager 4.1 database table/column with tel. numbers

I have a problem with finding the table/column where CISCO

CallManager 4.1 stores telephone number(phonenum). I

would appreciate it if somebody could help. There is enough

info in 'Devices' -table, but nothing concerning the local

phone telephone number.

I haven´t found any info that could help me in .xml files

With best regards,



Re: CallManager 4.1 database table/column with tel. numbers

The reason you don't see any numbers in the device table is that a device has no numbers. It has lines, and a line has a number. So you need to make the link between the devices and the lines. I don't have a CCM to look at right now but I think if you start looking in the DeviceNumPlanMap and NumPlan tables you should find what you're looking for.

A word of warning though: starting with CCM 5.0 direct database access will no longer be possible. I haven't had time to install the beta yet and I've not seen any developer documentation yet either so at this point it's unclear to me whether the "SQL over AXL" database access will still be possible.

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Re: CallManager 4.1 database table/column with tel. numbers

Thank you Stephan for your reply!

I have found what you are talking about. The 'pkid' column has the values

that join the two tables, the telephone numbers are in NumPlan too.

Thanks! :)

Have a nice day!


Illya (aka Horbor)

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