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CallManager/Account Codes and CDR

I have a customer who wants to input a special access code (*9) then dial a 12-digit account code (for billing to a project/client of LD calls) then they would input there long distance number. They need this code to appear in the CDR record for upload to their accounting system. Can this be accomplished?

Cisco Employee

Re: CallManager/Account Codes and CDR

The code will appear in the CDR record definitely if they strip off the code in the Route List rather than in the Route Pattern.

What I am concerned about is the maximum length of the called number. *9 + 12 + 1 + 10 = 25 digits however for international calls I think you could potentially get into the 30-something number of digits and I believe that is near the limit of digits that will be accepting during dialing. I don't remember the actual limit because this hardly ever comes up.

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Re: CallManager/Account Codes and CDR

How can I obtain greater details on this application? I am working with an international construction company who would like to implement CallManager but one of the sticking points is the ability to accomplish "project/account"codes as desicribed.

If this particualr aplication cannot be delivered, they will not purchase.


Cisco Employee

Re: CallManager/Account Codes and CDR

Talk to your Cisco account team and they should be able to assist you.

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