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CallManager bulk provisoning. Manual Phones and users association.


I am testing bulk IP Phones and User provisionging.

With BAT we introduce Phone and user information with "Insert Phone/Users" utility.

Phones are inserted with dummy MAC address.

Global Directoy have all user inserted and the "controlled devices" field show dummy MAC address.

Ip Phones are connected to LAN and they are provisioned with auto-registration DN.

After with TAPS, the user call to CTI route point and introduce their extension number (DN).

TAPS get this data and modify IP Phone configuration replacing dummyh MAC address with good MAC address.

After reset, ip hone get correct configuration (DN, speed dials, forwards...)

User information is not updated. "Controlled device" field shows old dummy MAC address.

Do you know a way in order to obtain that Global Directory user information will updated dinamically?

Is it possible or it is mandatory to do this manually?

The same question apply when and IP phone (hardware) is replaced by a new IP phone (i.e. RMA).

After reconfiguring the new IP Phone with user info, DNs, diverts, ...the information (controlled device field) is not updated in global directory.

After all phones are provisioned with TAPS, i have all MAC address and, an option may be to do an "update users" task with BAT. After this update the "controlled devices" field of user info shows both MAC address (dummy & real MACs). The dummy MAC address is not erased.

Thank you very much.


Re: CallManager bulk provisoning. Manual Phones and users associ

I feel, Global directory cannot be updated dynamically. It needs to be done manually only. And regarding the dummy MAC address issue, you could uncheck the box "Create Dummy MAC addresses" before updating the CSV file. Not sure if this works.But for more details, you can also refer the tips given in the document:

Troubleshooting BAT and TAPS

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Re: CallManager bulk provisoning. Manual Phones and users associ

I just confirmed BAt and TAPS is updating my user's associated device. Something is not working correctly for you. I am AD integrated however!

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