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CallManager DB - store procedures push from META

has anyone ever attempted to link the SQL database or push data from another source to the CallManager stored procedures? Looking at the CiscoUnityTools site, this is accomplished for account creation with the Store Procedure in the Unitydb. Can this be the same in CallManager SQL? Basically, instead of using the Web Interface or BAT tool to import new subscribers, we "push" last_name first_name extension to the stored procedure columns (that match) to populate this. This in turn, would set off flags in CallManager to create the rest of the subscriber data information.



Re: CallManager DB - store procedures push from META

Yes, I did it once (mass update of User Device Profiles, change of assignments to various pickup groups if I recall it correctly). I did not want to (and I was not able to) use BAT and the idea of updating each profile seemed to be a nightmare, and in turn, it really was.

Even though the change I had made using some neat SQL statements appeared in the database (in the table_s_ where it was supposed to), and of course, it appeared using the ccmadmin interface too, the pickup functionality as such, did not work!

I am not sure whether I just have gone wrong or Cisco has a checking mechanism that prevents the system from such unauthorised updates using SQL...

What I can recommend You to do is to sacrifice a day or two studying AXL. It is really flexible, and if You find a smart web programmer, You can even build a simplified but versatile CCM administration tool.

This is what I did too, having read the AXL documentation, writing PHP scripts that do the dirty work, and now we are not dependent from BAT :-)



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