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Callmanager - Hunt Group

Dear all,

I would like to apologise, up front, if this case has already been tackled. If so, please direct me to the url.

Call Manager 3.1(2c)


How to setup a hunt group, which would contain the 12 directory numbers associated with 6 ATAs.


1.Pilot point has been configured exactly as described in cisco docs.

No partition, no calling search space.

2.Huntgroup configuration with the ATA DN's is also done.

No username/line is being used. Just the directory number.

3.The 'ac' user has been created as per the docs.

CTI use enabled.

The ATA and the pilot point have been associated with this user.

4.TCD had been restarted.


Dialing the DN associated with the ATAs gets through to the right channels.

Dialing the Pilot point, gives a fast busy, half-way throuhg the number, i.e. suppose my pilot point number is 5100, when I dial the first 2 digits of this number, i get a fast busy tone.

Do I need to setup a webattendant user for this to work ?

Any and all responses would be appreciated.

Thank you.


Re: Callmanager - Hunt Group

First of all you need ac user for Attendant Console , its useless for hunt group.

Do you have the Attendant Console installed on the callmanager server by any chance?It could cause your problem..

Try this link as well


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Re: Callmanager - Hunt Group


Thank you for your prompt response. Unfortunately, for us, we *did* install the attendant console on the callmanager.

And, also, I cannot access the link that you have provided. Could you possibly email me the page contents.

Thank you, again.


Re: Callmanager - Hunt Group

Can you confirm you have installed the Attendant Console software on the callmanager server ?What Attendant Console version do you have?

Do you have CRA/CRS installed on the same server as well?


Re: Callmanager - Hunt Group

Regarding the link ...

This document provides a procedure for troubleshooting the WebAttendant if reorder tones are heard when calling the pilot point.


When dialing a pilot point, the user sometimes hears reorder tones.


Reorder tones can occur if the Cisco Telephony Call Dispatcher (TCD) does not successfully open the pilot point. In this case, the pilot point does not register with the Cisco CallManager. Follow the steps below to determine the cause of this failure.

Choose Start > Programs > Administrative Tools to open the Performance Manager.

Make sure that the TCD CcmlineLinkState is set to 11.

Verify that the Cisco CallManager and CTIManager services are up and running.

Open your CallManager Administation web page.

Choose Application > Cisco Call Manager Serviceability > Tools > Control Center.

On the left side, click the CallManager you want to verify.

If the Cisco CallManager and CTIManager service are both running, a triangle displays. A square displays if they are not running.



Telephony Call Dispatcher (TCD) is the Cisco WebAttendant Server component. It resides on a Cisco CallManager server, and uses the Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) interface for call control. The CTI profile, like all other user profiles, is stored in DC Directory. Therefore, TCD needs to read some parameters from DC Directory. This document will discuss how to check the flag settings for DC Directory.


Readers of this document should be knowledgeable of the following:

Cisco CallManager Administration

Windows 2000 Terminal Services

Hardware and Software Versions

The information in this document is based on the software and hardware versions below.

Cisco CallManager version 3.0 and 3.1

Verifying Flag Settings in DC Directory for TCD

There are special flags in the CTIFw profile in DC Directory for TCD. If the CTI link is not up in TCD, those flag setting should be carefully verified.

Go to Start > Programs > DC Directory Administrator.

Select Default Profile, then click Next.

Log in as Directory Manager. The password by default is ciscocisco. Click Finish.

Open > CCN and select Profiles.

Double-click ctifw-profile. This will bring up the Profile Properties Screen.

Click Properties.

Click Modify. (This button is in the bottom of the window. If you don't have a screen resolution of at least 1280 x 1024, you might have to change it.) The field backgrounds will change from being greyed out.

Make sure the settings are what the following section specifies.

CTIEnabled flag must be set to True.

DeviceAuthorizationRequired is set to False.


A couple of bugs for you...

CSCdu20892 Bug Details

Pilot point stops working due to CtiDeviceOpenReq failure

Dialing a WebAttendant Pilot Point may give immediate fast busy and stopping and

starting the TCD service does not clear up the problem. The SDL trace will show

"Destination process is not Active ... [CtiDeviceOpenDeviceReq].

The only way to recover is to stop/start the ccm service.

CSCdx41694 Bug Details

Headline Change of system clock may cause pilot point failure


Pilot point stops working when the system clock is changed.


This happens when the system clock is changed on a

TCD server box.


Restart TCD service.

CSCdx47467 Bug Details

Attendant Console should used default RMI port other than 1099

Product attendant Model


When Attendant Console server and the Apps/eServices/CRA/CRS package are installed on the

same server, the ICD component of Apps may stop functioning. MIVR logs may show:

RMI Server: java.rmi.server.ExportException: Port already in use: 1099;


Both Attendant Console server and Apps/CRA/CRS are installed on the same callmanager

server. The Telephony Call Dispatcher service for the Attendant Console starts and

binds and RMI server to port 1099. Then the Cisco Applicaiton Engine starts and

attempts to bind to port 1099, but the port is already in use. This is a race

condition on service startup. If the Cisco Applicaiton Engine starts first, the

Cisco Telephony Call Dispatcher will use the first available port after 1099.


Set the Telephony Call Dispatcher service startup type to manual and reboot the

server. Verify the Cisco Application Engine service starts automatically. Then go in

and manually start the Telephony Call Dispatcher service.


Personally i would try to reboot the server first ...:)

Enjoy your day!


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Re: Callmanager - Hunt Group

hi marina,

Thanks for that detailed approach. We have tried all that and still we cannot get the pilot point to be registered with the TCD. when we dial the pilot point number, it gives a fast dial tone as soon as we press the first 2 digits.

Please help. hanging out on a limb, here.

Thanks again in advance.


Re: Callmanager - Hunt Group

Do you see any error messages in the event viewer 's application log ?

Can you try and make an ip phone the first member of the hungroup?

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Re: Callmanager - Hunt Group

No error messages on the app. log. Yes, I can make the said calls. Calls to each and everyone of the huntgroup members is fine.

The pilot point number cannot be called for some reason. It gives me the fast busy when i dial the first 2 digits.


Re: Callmanager - Hunt Group

Can you enable the TCD traces and see what error are you getting in there ?

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