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Callmanager install keeps failing


I am trying to install callmanager 4.1(3) and i keep getting this error.

ISSCRIPT_VERSION_MISSING = The InstallScript engine is missing from this machine. If available, please run ISScript.msi, or contact your support personnel for further assistance.

Property(S): ISSCRIPT_VERSION_OLD = The InstallScript engine on this machine is older than the version required to run this setup. If available, please install the latest version of ISScript.msi, or contact your support personnel for further assistance.

What should i do?


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Re: Callmanager install keeps failing

Is this a new install or an upgrade?

If this is an upgrade run the upgradeAssistantUtility version 4.1(3) before running the setup.


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Re: Callmanager install keeps failing

A brand new install.



Re: Callmanager install keeps failing

Hi Parwal,

Please upload the complete log file, and check the following:

1. Make sure that you have HOST and LMHOST files on both the servers i.e. PUB and the SUB

2. Install Windows OS 2000 2.7|2000.4.2 and then lastest SR

3. Install CCM 4.1.3

4. Is this a PUB or a SUB?

5. How many you have attempted the Installation?

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Re: Callmanager install keeps failing

Many thanks for a very useful response. I will surely rate this post. I have also attached the installation logfile. I am trying to install a Sub on a IBM server which was not bought dirtectly from Cisco but is on the approved list of supported hardware for 4.1(3). I installed windows 2000 server followed by an upgrade to 2000.2.7 and then the 4.1(3) installation. Any advice would be highly appreciared.

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Re: Callmanager install keeps failing

I had a problem loading the IPT OS on IBM 346's last year. This link may be helpful as it helped me.

In addition to this link, I did the following because I changed so many settings trying to get it to install...putting the servers back to factory settings helped before following the procedures on from the above link:

put drives in slots 0 and 1

boot to setup (F1) and restore all settings back to default

reboot and use the "mini configuration" tool when the option is available...right after the system sees the RAID controller. the command is ctrl + i

once in the mini config tool, restore everything back to factory settings and reboot with the hardware detection disk in the drive.

do not create the logical drive. let the hardware detection disk do it. you should see some text scroll across the screen saying "found controller" "created logical drive" etc. Use the "pause print screen" button to see it. press enter to continue.

Hopefully, this will help. Something else to be aware of, unless IBM is fixing this in their servers now, is a problem with the NIC's changing "sides". You configure NIC 1 and after a reboot, those settings appear on NIC's weird. I don't know if IBM fixed this problem or not. Either way, I have a feeling the 2000.2.7 disk will over ride whatever BIOS fix IBM applies from the factory. Cisco probably provides the fix in an SR or separate download.

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